It’s All Goo

I was sitting there
Mama was making some Jell-O
I was jumping off the walls
She said, “Can’t you be mellow?”
I grabbed a spoon
And started to slurp
I ate so much that I started to burp
The dog ran by
I dropped my spoon
I spilled my Jell-O all over the room

It’s all goo
It’s all glop-ity-glop
It’s all gloop-ity-gloop
It’s all goo

I was playing in the schoolyard
Having some fun
I put my new shoe on somebody’s gum
Bright pink bubble gum
Stretching like string
I couldn’t get it off
As it’s happening
I ruined my shoe
I feel like a fool
What’s a sticky schoolgirl supposed to do?

It’s all goo
Ooh baby, don’t you worry about a thing

It was the first day of class
I was trying my best
The teacher came over and I sneezed on his vest
Hiding my head
What was coming next?
I was sure that the teacher would give me an F
When I looked up
To check out the mess
The teacher just smiled and this is what he said:

It’s all goo

When I get a slice
Of pizza pie
I get extra cheese
And push it to the side
I eat the cheese at the end
To save the best for last
When I finish all the crust
I eat the cheese really fast
A girl in my class
Asked me for a taste
I said, “O.K.”
And handed her the plate
Before I knew it
The cheese was gone
The cheese swiper ate it and sang me this song:

It’s all goo

©1996-2013 The Luscious Jackson Source

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